The Antwerp Whale Cemetery

Let’s take you to the Antwerp whale cemetery! Meet volunteer Jef, who is excavating the fourth whale, and Mark, paleontologist-by-experience!

All finds in the AZ Monica construction site in Deurne, each about 8 to 9 million years old:

  • 5 whales (of which 2 fairly complete)
  • 2 very partial dolphins (beaked whales)
  • different shark teeth (but few in number), fish teeth and vertebrae, a sunfish bone
  • a skin plate of a leatherback turtle
  • a bird bone
  • and many shells and brachiopods, tube worms, tiny sea urchins, barnacles, moss animals, foraminifers, and pieces of wood.

[Production: Stéphane Van Israël, Siska Van Parys and Reinout Verbeke, RBINS]